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Lahakai is speaking at VelaShow!

The popular VelaShow 2023 (an exposition and show focused exclusively on sailboats in Brazil) is being hosted in Ilha Bela, Brazil this year... And we will be speaking in it!

The VelaShow has made a big impact on our journey, since it was the pivotal point where our project took off. After struggling with our neglected steel boat trying to save it and salvage it, we were running out of options, time and money! And around this time, the VelaShow came to Niteroi, Brazil in 2022. The show was held in the same club we were doing construction on our sailboat and it was the perfect opportunity for us to meet our peers.

It made us feel normal and human....

The show had several speakers sharing their advice and experiences though out the 3 day event. There were so many inspirational stories of lives transformed simply by sailboats. And you could feel the camaraderie and joy that emanated from this wonderful community. Everyone we met was excited to share their lives, advice and support. So many people also had stories of their boat building disasters, mistakes and mishaps. It made us feel normal and human. It was the perfect moment for us to recharge and get motivated again about our boat build.

And not only did we get motivated, we changed direction completely. We learned about a different location in Brazil that was one of the epicenters of boat building. Everyone declared that there were more professionals builders there, actual boat yards to choose from, and cheaper resources! They had us at hello. And with that, we sailed our empty and motor-less boat 7 days south to continue her construction in this boat heaven.

One year later and we are returning to the VelaShow 2023 to now share our stories. We want to talk to you about how our failures have been fundamental parts of our success. In fact, without one, the other simply wouldn't exist. Without falling down, we wouldn't have found the people we did, the places we went and everything along the way. It feels a lot like jumping out of an airplane and finding your parachute on the way down. To avoid the pains, you skip the gains.

So, we can't wait to see you at the VelaShow 2023!


Unfortunately, plans have changed and we will no longer be able to present at the VelaShow this year. Our boat construction continues and needs our attention so we will have to try to go next year instead! We were very much looking forward to the show and meeting up with old friends again. Wish us luck on the construction and hopefully we will have the opportunity to show our finished boat soon!


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