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Your Support Matters

You can keep the journey alive

Support Lahakai Sailing on YouTube


A little LIKE goes a long way
Did you know that your subscription on our YouTube channel gives us a huge helping hand?? When you watch our videos and comment on them, you are supporting our project and also helping us find more amazing adventurers just like you. And the best part is subscribing, liking and comment is totally FREE!



Any amount is appreciated
Your donation will help build and maintain the Lahakai Journey, as we make our way into the water and around the world. Though PayPal you can support us with a one time donation or a monthly contribution.

Support Lahakai Sailing on Patreon


Join our crew today
As a Patreon you will be a part of our virtual crew! We want to create a community of like-minded people to interact with, share ideas and inspire.

Crew members will receive exclusive content, updates and insights to our project. 

Support Lahakai Sailing by PayPal


Make our wishes come true
Our wishlist has things that will help us improve our videos, finish our boat project or just put a smile on our face and those around us. Send us a gift or join in on making one of our wishes come true.

We are dreamers.

But you don't have to support us, just because we have a dream!

So, what in the world do we do?

We are working hard to create a journey for You!

As artists, and now video makers, we want to transport you through your screen and across the world. We want you to go boldly along side us and together we will face challenges, get our hands dirty in the biggest boat restoration project of our lives, and never lose our sense of courage and adventure as we go sailing around the world. 


These are BIG words! And to back this up is a lot of hard work. We put in countless hours to shoot, write and edit these creative experiences with you in mind. We are the people on camera and also the crew behind it!


So if you like what you have seen and you want to see even more, feel more, go father and live life on the edge of your seat with us – then there are a few ways you can keep the journey alive on YouTube, Patreon and PayPal.

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