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Have you ever wanted to change your life

and go in a different path?

That’s how we felt when we started this journey...

Luke, Lori and Leon from the Lahakai Project

This is Luke
I'm Lori

(and that's Leon)


And we are two wide eyed dreamers (and a pup) who wanted to get more out of our every day of our lives.


So, we thought about all the places in the world we wanted to see, and all of the obstacles that held us back from them. We looked our home and our possessions and asked ourselves what mattered to us the most? Were we truly aligned with the things that made us happy? So, we saved up and sold it all in order to pursue our passions.


A few people have done it before – so, why can’t we?​

“Live in the sunshine, swim the sea and drink the wild air

― Ralph Waldo Emerson


After all,
we are both adventurers

Luke has always lived connected to the sea.

The time spent sailing with his family in his childhood are his most impactful memories. Always seeking new experiences and an alternative way of living, Luke was a professional triathlete, paddled 1,700km with his kayak in a river in the Amazon, is a skydiver in his free time, and makes a salad like no one else. Today, the goal is to rekindle that old love for sailing, experience new things, learn, and enjoy life with intensity.


And as the stars aligned...

...he met me, Lori – restless and in search of my place in the world. An artist, an idea-maker, a risk-taker. Whos roots in the small town where I grew up, could not hold me in one place. So I left. I worked hard and then traveled further, each time trying to challenge my mind and expand my comfort zone, inspired by the stories I read and the people I met along the way.

Together we knew that we wanted to live life differently

So we went in search of a sailboat that we could start our dream project on. The idea was not just to live on a boat and float around the horizon. We wanted to build. We wanted to use our skills to design and create, all the while learning every aspect, curve, corner, and moving part of a sailboat. This would give us the knowledge and independence to achieve our real dream; sailing around the world. Now, this dream is not something that will happen overnight. It’s a dream of long dedication. A vision where we slowly build not only a boat but ourselves.


And we want to take YOU along on that journey.
As they say, happiness is best when shared.

Leon's first day part of the Lahakai Sailing Crew
Luke and Lori on the Lahakai for the first time

Join us

As we embark on this next great challenge we look to you for your support - because we can't do this on our own!

This will be an experience created with YOU in mind. Using our skills in art and design we want to transport you through your screen and around the world. So, if you like the work we do, and want to join us on a journey of a life time - there are several ways you can show your support!

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