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Will BAD NEWS End our Dream??



Every Sunday we post Weekly Episodes on our YouTube channel, Lahakai Sailing, where we take you on an epic journey into the water and around the world!



We've been taking some time away from posting videos to focus all our attention to finishing our boat interior in the biggest sailboat restoration project we've ever undergone. But just as we start feeling better, we are delt a big blow to our channel as all of our data is now trapped on a computer that won't start. Our channel is a little piece ot the puzzle that keeps this journey alive so it's a big deal and we are left scrambing to figure out what we will do next.

You might be asking yourself, why didn't they just back up their data? Well, its complicated :P

We have several external harddrives that have been maxed out. Over the last month or so we've been trying to reorganize and reduce all our files since we haven't had the funds to buy more drives because they are double the price in Brazil compared to other countries. Because of this, we had several of our most recent video files that we were working on on our desktop when our computer decided to quit. Oh if we had only known what the future held.

Such is life! But if you would like to support our channel and help us keep the journey alive so you can keep watching – join us on Patreon where we share exclusive updates everyweek on what is happening.

Your support matters!

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