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Amazing DIY Saloon Table Does It ALL!



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Creative solutions for our boat refit take our saloon table to the next level!

This week in our sailboat restoration project, we are building our custom DIY saloon table in our salvage sailboat. And believe us when we say – does it all!

Our table has 4 fuctions; First, it starts with the ordinary and is a 4 person dinette table with an L shapped bench. Then, the table can open up and double in size. This way it turns into a large U shapped dining area that utilizes the port side bench area. To complete the U seating area, we isntalled a pull out extention on the bench to connect the port and starboard side seating area.

But that's not all! The table can lower down and fit into the bench in order to create a compact guest bed on the starboard side. Let's say you want some more room – the table can then open up and connect to the prot side seating area in order to create the ultimate full sized bed when you want to stretch all the way out!

Our boat interior design is taking form as our main cabin saloon starts looking like a home. And with these special touches, we are maximizing the space in this small 34" sailboat. When you enter, the sensation is that you are walking into a much larger yatch. And with the wraparound windows we created in our rebuild superstructure, the main cabin wide open ain airy.

We still have some adjusting to do to finalize our work but the ideas are solid and we are really happy with the results so far. The best part is that we were able to create the components ourselves and did not need to purchase any expensive components.

The real test will be once we get in the water though. Part of finalizing the furniture will also be making sure that everything is secure and snug. There is nothing worse than the creaking of wood or the potential hazard of something coming apart while you are at sea.

Check out all the creative solutions we came up with and let us know what you think!

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