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Making a TINY DESK do BIG THINGS! #boatlife



Every Sunday we post Weekly Episodes on our YouTube channel, Lahakai Sailing, where we take you on an epic journey into the water and around the world!



Join us for a special week in our boat restoration project as we tackle the exciting task of building our navigation desk and creating the ultimate home office aboard our sailboat. This versatile space will serve as both the command center of our boat and the heart of our workspace, packed with drawers, sliding tops, and opening doors for lots of accessibility. Despite the challenges posed by the limited space, we are determined to push the boundaries of creativity and craftsmanship to craft a functional and comfortable work-at-home mini office.

Under the guidance of our skilled professionals, we embark on the journey of designing and constructing this dynamic space, with the keen attention to detail required to bring our vision to fruition. One of the major challenges we encountered was the narrow width of the space, measuring under 50 cm. To maximize usability, we had to find a solution to expand the table or risk restrictive elbow space. Additionally, as the electronic hub that controls the boat would be located behind the desk, we needed to ensure ample access and room for the network of wires that would converge into the fusebox and control panel. While the electronics installation will be addressed in the future, our focus now is on setting up the framework and creating a home for the intricate system.

Witness the transformation of a humble space into an extraordinary hub of productivity and inspiration. Together, let's explore the endless possibilities and celebrate the remarkable craftsmanship and innovation that go into building a navigation desk that exceeds expectations.

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