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We Built NEW DAVITS on our SAILBOAT. Love or Hate them??



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Welcome aboard as we share the latest update on our sailboat restoration project! We recently made a bold move by cutting off our old davits and designing a brand new set from scratch. Our goal was to create a design that is more proportional to our boat and adds an arm for raising and lowering our dinghy. But will this new design be a hit or miss? We can't wait to find out!

In addition to the new davits, we also replaced our toe guards and grab handles with inox. During the move of our boat by sea, we quickly realized that these bars would be frequently used and susceptible to chipping paint and rust. Changing them to inox was a no-brainer for us.

We even had the opportunity to try out our welding skills with the help of an expert. It was a valuable experience that allowed us to learn new skills and improve the quality of our work. We're excited to see how all of these updates come together and can't wait to set sail on our next adventure. Stay tuned for more updates on our sailboat restoration project!

The Marcondes Company specializes in welding and maintenance

We want to give a HUGE THANKS to Jefferson Marcondes and his team for all their help and generosity.

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Also check out our weldding inspiration and friend, the "Boat Lady", representing all the amazing female welders out there:

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