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Why we said NO to DIY Sandblasting our SAILBOAT



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From Rusty to Radiant: Our Sailboat's Incredible Sandblasting Transformation!

Ahoy, fellow sailors! Join us for a momentous occasion in our sailboat restoration project, as we proudly share our latest milestone with you. After months of hard work and dedication, we finally got our beloved boat sandblasted – a crucial step towards restoring her to her former glory.

However, we want to emphasize that the decision to sandblast our boat was not one that we took lightly. We knew that DIY sandblasting can be a dangerous endeavor, with the potential for serious injuries and long-term health risks. As such, we opted to hire professional sandblasters to ensure our safety and the best possible results.

In this episode, we'll take you through our careful decision-making process, outlining the pros and cons of various sandblasting options and sharing our experiences working with professionals. We'll also provide you with some helpful tips and advice on how to navigate this potentially hazardous aspect of boat restoration, so that you can stay safe and achieve stunning results.

And speaking of stunning results, you won't want to miss the before-and-after footage of our sailboat's incredible transformation! From a rusty and weather-beaten hull to a gleaming, radiant beauty, our boat has been transformed before our very eyes. It's truly a sight to behold and a testament to the power of determination, hard work, and a passion for sailing.

So what are you waiting for? Tune in now to witness this remarkable moment in our boat restoration journey, and join us as we set sail towards our next adventure on the high seas!

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