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About Section

The Journey
of a Lifetime

You are invited to join us on a quest where we dare to risk it all as we try to make our dreams come true. And along the way we are facing unexpected challenges, meeting extraordinary people, pushing ourselves to the limits, learning invaluable lessons and loving every moment of it!


This is not just any adventure. We want to transport you through your screen, into the water and around the world, right beside side us. So, Let's Go!

The first day on our sailboat | Lahakai Sailing
Construction of our steel sailboat | Lahakai Sailing


We found an old, neglected steel sailboat in Brazil and decided to save it and make it our home. But we didn't know we were in for the challenge of a life time. Watch us transform this wreck into a brand new boat again with sheer will and determination to overcome all the odds.

Luke and Lori and the Lahakai
The original drawing concept of the Lahakai

Don't miss a moment!

New episodes are posted every SUNDAY on YOUTUBE

Lori on our steel sailboat for the first time | Lahakai Sailing

Keep the Journey Alive

Our project is powered by you with you in mind! And there are so many ways you can support us and be part of the dream!

Luke from Lahakai Sailing
Luke and Lori of the Lahakai at the Marina | Lahakai Sailing
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