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Changing our TILLER to a WHEEL



Todos os domingos publicamos episódios semanais no nosso canal do YouTube, Lahakai Sailing, onde levamos você a uma jornada épica pela água e pelo mundo!



In this episode about our boat building project, we are doing a big conversation. We are changing the tiller to wheel steering, modifying our rudder and installing a helm. Our goal is to complete our boat restoration of our steel sailboat to make it more comfortable to live aboard and also navigate for sailing around the world.

When it comes to steering a sailboat, there are two primary options: tiller and wheel helm steering. While both methods are effective at controlling the boat's direction, there are several differences to consider.

Tiller steering is the more traditional method, where a long handle called a tiller is attached to the rudder at the stern of the boat. The tiller is moved left or right to steer the boat in the desired direction. This method is often preferred by experienced sailors because it offers a more direct connection to the boat and allows for more precise control. It also provides better feedback on the boat's movements and can be easier to use in tight quarters or rough seas.

On the other hand, wheel helm steering is a more modern approach that uses a steering wheel connected to a mechanical linkage that turns the rudder. This method is often found on larger sailboats and offers several advantages over tiller steering. The wheel allows for more leverage, making it easier to steer the boat in strong winds or choppy waters. It also provides a more comfortable seating position for the helmsperson.

Ultimately, the choice between tiller and wheel helm steering comes down to personal preference and the type of sailing you plan to do. For us we felt that the helm would be better for long distance sailing since we plan on traveling far. So we found a used helm with all the parts in a nautical second hand shop and decided to install it in our sailboat. Take a look on how we transformed our sailboat and let us know wha you think!

➡️ PART 1 // Episode 4

➡️ PART 2 // Episode 5

➡️ PART 3 // Episode 8 :: Current Video

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