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Navigating the Challenges of Creating a Watertight Companionway Door

In our pursuit of transforming our sailboat, the Lahakai, into the ultimate vessel for sailing around the world, we encountered a significant challenge that has pushed us to rethink our approach – the creation of a watertight companionway door. While companionway doors on sailboats are often sliding wood hatches with hatch boards, we aimed to elevate the safety and functionality of our boat by replicating the single-door sliding watertight hatches found on select vessels. However, this endeavor has proven to be our most formidable yet, shedding light on both the advantages and limitations of building a boat in a country like Brazil.

Brazil offers certain advantages when it comes to boat construction, such as lower labor costs and access to specific services and materials at a reduced price. Yet, it's a double-edged sword. The cost of some crucial elements can unexpectedly soar, and sourcing certain components can become a challenge due to limited options.

As we embarked on the creation of our companionway door, these challenges came into sharp focus. We aimed to piece together a DIY door using various components, but sourcing the necessary parts proved to be a roadblock. Moreover, the task of crafting a water-tight stainless steel box brought us face to face with the high price of steel. The complexities of this door design, combined with these challenges, led us to a crossroads.

In light of these obstacles, we find ourselves at a pivotal moment where crucial decisions need to be made. Do we persist in seeking a solution for our watertight door, pushing through the barriers that currently stand in our way? Or do we consider putting this project on hold, reserving it for a time when we have more resources and financial stability to tackle such a complex endeavor?

Our journey of attempting to design and create our own companionway door showcases the realities of boat restoration and the unforeseen challenges that can arise. As we confront this particular obstacle, we invite you to follow along and perhaps even contribute your insights and expertise to help us overcome this hurdle. With every challenge comes the opportunity for growth, learning, and innovative problem-solving. While we navigate this decision-making process, we're reminded that the path to transforming a sailboat into a safe, functional, and comfortable home on the water is not without its twists and turns.

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