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Living the Liveaboard Dream: Installing a Mini Washer and Dryer on our Sailboat

As our sailboat restoration project continues, we're thrilled to share a major milestone in our journey towards the ultimate liveaboard life – the installation of a second-hand Mini Electrolux washer and dryer on our sailboat! Our quest for a comfortable sailboat living experience has led us to find creative solutions, and this compact washing machine seemed like the perfect fit. But as always, challenges awaited us, and we, along with our skilled woodworker Fernando, were determined to overcome them!

In our pursuit of a functional and cozy sailboat home, we set our sights on a Mini Electrolux washer and dryer, the smallest we could find that meets our laundry needs. Its compact size makes it ideal for sailboat living, but fitting it into our 34" boat was no small feat. However, we were up for the challenge, knowing that comfort is key when making a boat conversion to a home.

The mini washing machine offers impressive capabilities, with a capacity to wash 3 kilograms of laundry and dry 1 kilogram. It snuggly fits into the available space on our boat, leaving no room for any other location, so it has to work! We were thrilled to find this gem on a second-hand goods website, a rare find since these machines are seldom available used. The previous owner had barely used it, and we got it at a fantastic deal. The only noticeable defect was a large yellowing area on the plastic cover, which hardly affects its functionality.

Bringing the washer and dryer onto our boat came with its share of challenges. We had to figure out a secure and removable way to attach it to the hull. Given its weight, installing it even on a wall in our apartment was challenging, and doing the same on a boat, especially in a tight space, required careful planning. We aimed to create a system that made maintenance and removal simpler, and with Fernando's expertise and our combined ideas, we found a solution that surpassed our expectations.

As our boat restoration project progresses, the interior is starting to take shape, and the addition of the washing machine marks a significant accomplishment in our small sailboat interior design. It's a testament to our determination and the ingenuity we've poured into this project. With each step, we come closer to realizing our dream of a comfortable, fully-functional sailboat home.

Join us on this thrilling adventure, as we share more small sailboat interior design ideas and insights from our boat restoration journey. Follow our refit videos and watch the transformation of our sailboat into the perfect home for our liveaboard dream. With each challenge we face, we're reminded of the boundless possibilities of boat living and the rewards of pushing the boundaries of creativity and practicality. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to create the sailboat of our dreams!

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