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DIY Induction Cooktop Boat Gimbal Build



Todos os domingos publicamos episódios semanais no nosso canal do YouTube, Lahakai Sailing, onde levamos você a uma jornada épica pela água e pelo mundo!



Embracing the Future: Building a DIY Boat Stove Gimbal for Our Induction Cooktop

As our sailboat restoration project sails forward, we're delighted to share another exciting chapter in our small sailboat interior design journey. This time, we're diving into the world of DIY boat stove gimbals, a vital addition to our boat conversion to a comfortable and sustainable home. Our goal is clear – to create a fully electric boat for our ambitious voyage around the world, eliminating any dependency on traditional gas, propane, or alcohol stoves. This is just the first step in our quest to become the ultimate off-grid sailors, embracing solar and wind power to fuel our adventure.

Instead of relying on conventional fuel sources, we've opted for a single burner INDUCTION cooktop. Its energy-efficient design and seamless integration into our boat's electrical system make it an ideal choice for our mission. However, installing a cooktop on a moving vessel poses its own set of challenges. That's where our DIY boat stove gimbal comes into play. This mechanism allows us to securely use the cooktop while ensuring it remains stable and level, regardless of the boat's movement. Our custom-built gimbal will not only maximize safety but also enhance the functionality of our galley, making cooking a breeze even in rough seas.

Of course, we understand the importance of having contingency plans in place, especially when setting off on such a grand adventure. While we're confident in our electric setup, we'll also have backup options at hand, just in case. Safety and preparedness are paramount when venturing into the open sea.

Join us as we build and install our DIY boat stove gimbal, bringing us one step closer to our dream of a fully electric and off-grid boat!

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