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Fresh Paint & Smart Tech Upgrades. MUST SEE!



Todos os domingos publicamos episódios semanais no nosso canal do YouTube, Lahakai Sailing, onde levamos você a uma jornada épica pela água e pelo mundo!



Finalizing the Interior and Introducing Our Latest Invention: A Centralized Command Center with Alexa Integration

Welcome aboard to the latest episode of our sailboat restoration project, where we’re thrilled to share with you the beginning stages of our steel sailboat's interior. We've spent months working tirelessly to restore our beloved sailboat, and we can't wait to finally have some progress inside.

In this episode, we focus on the finishing touches to the coating systems on the interior, and we're excited to take you through the process of applying a fresh coat of white paint.

Also, we are thrilled to announce a game-changer that has revolutionized our boat maintenance routine – a centralized command center with integration with Alexa. Our friend's brilliant invention will transform our sailboat and maybe yours too, making it more manageable and easier to maintain. We couldn't be more excited to show you how this amazing new device works and how it can make your boat life simplified. And unlike those expensive tech that are made for only luxury boats, our friend Duda is working to make this sailboat community friendly!

But that's not all! In this episode, we also make progress on our electrical installation, which will power our fully electric boat. We take you through the process of laying down the wires, so you can see firsthand how much work goes into preparing a boat for the open sea.

Join us on our exciting sailboat restoration journey, where we're turning our dream of sailing around the world into a reality. Don't miss out on all the action – tune in now and be part of our boat restoration project!

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